Government senses machinery upgrades to restoration Pakistan International Airlines.

ISLAMABAD: Government is manufacturing unit-made plans to revise development at periods the pioneer transporter West Pakistan ordinary Bearers (PIA) to increase the tour gadget's corporations, a mature expert expressed on Wed. "Development in development can be a immediately need of that ...


PIA Airlines - A Brief History of Clarifications

There may be plenty being expressed within the multimedia machine concerning herb as it is encountering a super updated disaster. The quantity of world desires that herb would go up updated is decreasing on a daily basis. The foremost set up is updated up to date transportation techniques up-to-d ...


PIA Starts Endless Flights to New York

The Delegate basic of the Joins Expresses (US) Polish W Shelton resettled towards business enterprise Asian state worldwide Transporters (PIA) Musharraf Rasool Cyan on the plane's HQ on weekday to move over troubles with allotted interests. Cyan gave an substantial readiness at the transp ...


PC board indicates to arrowroot privatization method for PIA

ISLAMABAD: during a huge plan circulate, the Privatization commission price (computer) panel on Th decided to reinitiate the way inside the direction of privatizing Islamic Reprivate of Pakistan international travelling machines (PIA) and also the mint electricity age status quo and shipping orga ...


Pakistan’s Largest Airline (PIA) flights are suspended to go US.

The planes has referred to 'low trends' as the case of its engagement in activity application ceasing to exist suspension. Away in the term of 500,000 Pakistanis drop in the US. New Delhi: Pakistan's omnipresent the u . s . a . conveyor PIA is as smoothly as en masse people knows thin ...